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Rosolina Mare Trilocale - Pronajem - Veranda Trilo superior

Veranda Trilo superior

Richiesta Disponibilità


The Residence Veranda is situated close to the main town centre and about 400m from the beach.
It’s composed of 10 apartments.It has living room with sofa, kitchenette, balcony and SAT-Tv;
double room, bedroom with 3 beds (no bunk-beds); bathroom with shower, balcony. Air conditioning. About 55sm.

Pokoje 2
Pocet luzek 5+2
Koupelna 1
Terasa 1
Zahradka 1
Parkovaci misto 1
Vzdalenost k plazim 300mt
Vzdalenost k centru 150mt


  • Klimatizace
  • Parkovaci misto
  • TV
  • Balkon
  • Koupelna se sprchovym boxem
  • Internet Point e Hot Spot Wi-Fi
  • Pracka
  • Zahradka