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Rosolina Mare Trilocale - Pronajem - House Francesca

House Francesca

Richiesta Disponibilità


Private villa of 4 apartments, 300 m to the centre and 300 m to the beach.
Each apartment consists of: living room with sofa- bed and kitchenette,
2 bedrooms with double and single bed, bathroom with shower,
common garden with one parking place. Air conditioning.

Pokoje 2
Pocet luzek 6+2
Koupelna 1
Terasa 1
Zahradka 1
Parkovaci misto 1
Vzdalenost k plazim 250 mt
Vzdalenost k centru 300 mt


  • Klimatizace
  • Parkovaci misto
  • TV
  • Balkon
  • Koupelna se sprchovym boxem
  • Zahradka