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Discovering Rosolina Mare

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Rosolina Mare is the gem of the Po Delta Park, a 8 km long peninsula surrounded by water from the valleys and the Adriatic sea, mostly covered by a dense and lush pinewood. Its crystal clear waters are perfect for long and pleasant swims, while its beach, famous for being exceptionally long, is an immense expanse of fine golden sand, extraordinarily clean (awarded in 2008 with the Delfino Blu Award by the ARPAV and obtained 2 flags from Legambiente and Touring Club on the Blue Guide Programme). The area has numerous recreational facilities and businesses that meet the various needs of tourists, such as hotels, campsites, holiday parks, flats, swimming pools, tennis courts, tourist harbours, shops and restaurants of all kinds. Along the immense beach there are various modern bathing establishments complete with services and comforts, providing entertainment for children so that their parents can enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation. All the bathing establishments consider safety their first priority both at sea and on land, providing first aid, motorcycle ambulance on the beach, highly qualified lifeguards at every station and jet skis for fast interventions. All this, combined with the gradually increasing sea bottom depths, make Rosolina a very safe beach both for children and adults.

The Beaches equipped for bathing stretch for about 8.5 km with an average depth of over 100 meters. Rosolina Mare has managed a very organized system, so it is able to meet a very wide range of needs. From the needs of those who prefer the tourist resort and the ones of those who prefer the residence to the ones of those who prefer to stay in a flat and to the ones of those who prefer to stay in a hotel. Of course there are also all those services that are now deemed necessary; from the church to the doctor, from the bank to the pharmacy, from the supermarket to the business agency, including swimming pools, bike rentals, tennis courts, horseback riding stables and tourist harbours.

The Coastal Botanical Gardens of Veneto, built in 1991 by the Regional Forest Service for the Provinces of Padua and Rovigo, is designed to protect and preserve the unique natural environment, of great scientific interest. The Forest Service manages, coordinates and supervises the scientific and educational activities while visits and educational activities are coordinated by the Veneto Regional Park Authority of the Po Delta.
Located at the southern end of the peninsula of Caleri, which separates the sea from the Caleri lagoon, the Garden, which covers an area of 44 hectares, is characterized by the presence of a wide variety of habitats, from the lagoon to the dunes up to the beach. The species of plant life is very rich. There are even some rare endemic specimens such as the Tommasini bell flower and the Venetian Salicornia. Many animals live in these undisturbed environments such as the elusive nightjar and the colourful bee-eater, rare amphibians such as the spadefoot toad, of which the Garden is home to the only population in Veneto and reptiles such as the terrapin .
Each year over 10,000 people visit the Garden, walking along the 4 km trail. With the help of signs placed along the entire trail visitors are able to identify and become familiar with the various animal and plant life of the Garden. A Visitor Centre complete with dioramas, scale models and reconstruction of environments helps visitors become even more familiar with the area.

For information and reservations:
Veneto Regional Park of the Po Delta: tel. 0426 372202
Botanical Garden: tel. 0426 68408

Those searching for a holiday filled with activities and relaxation will have a wide selection to choose from: they can rent a bicycle, they can slowly canoe their way along the water or use one of the many available boats to discover the most genuine and secret places of this charming area. Those who love fitness may partake in countless sports activities or choose from the many guided tours that will take them on exciting walks along the wonderful trails. There's something for everyone: those who enjoy guided tours may take advantage of the "turnkey" formula - excursions, guided tours, organized activities...- while those who love the "DIY " adventures will find all means to satisfy their needs: cars, SUVs, boats, bicycles ... and so on and so forth.

The pinewood, made up of maritime and local pines, is the result of reforestation interventions carried out between the 1940s and 1950s to defend the farming crops and valleys from sea winds which are rich in aerosol. Over time the undergrowth of these formations have spontaneously become enriched with rare elements such as orchids. The presence of holly oak in the undergrowth, at times abundant, shows how these areas have a spontaneous tendency towards forming a Mediterranean type of woods. The pinewood is an excellent place for various plant and animal life to settle. A bird easy to detect in the pinewood is the woodpecker, that can be heard beating on the trunks of decaying plants looking for larvae. There are also numerous other species that nest in the pinewood such as the common cuckoo, nightingale, blackcap and the hoopoe that feeds on the larvae of the processionary caterpillar. Many reptiles and mammals, such as foxes, hares and the sneaky badger, find refuge in this favourable environment. Fallow deer have been sighted in the pinewood which probably came from the nearby island of Albarella. This non-native species can be seen living in a semi-free condition.

Summer for children means carefreeness, happiness, games and outdoor activities.
Holidays are especially a time to relax, to gather the family and spend more quality time together. Working moms and dads can finally dedicate more time with their children. For those who live in the city, the holidays represent a time for kids to breathe fresh air, get some exercise and basically enjoy a healthier lifestyle: all essential things needed to return home with more energy. But, before leaving for the holidays some simple rules must be followed like, for example, not leaving children under the sun during the hottest hours of the day even if the thermometer is at 30 degrees when departing from the city.
The theme of the holiday is to learn about the natural environment (water, earth, sky) by means of excursions and outdoor activities, such as canoeing, archery, swimming in the pool....
During their stay, kids can go to the beach to swim, go for walks and enjoy many fun activities. The beach has many shaded areas and also a lifeguard station.
Many activities in Rosolina Mare are dedicated to sports allowing kids to become familiar and appreciate the Park's plant and animal life located all along the trails in the adjacent pinewood.

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